Accordi Disaccordi

Accordi Disaccordi is a very active Italian project both on the national and international scenes.
The band, a trio formed in 2012, is composed by the two founders Alessandro Di Virgilio and Dario Berlucchi on guitars and Elia Lasorsa on doublebass. They're based on a gipsy jazz repertoire, presenting typical national and international classics from the best 1930s' music in a modern vein.
Following the same gipsy style, they write their own numbers and rearrangements of modern songs, even pop and not strictly jazz, according to a personal interpretation that they themselves like to call "hot Italian swing", taking constant inspiration from the style of the popular guitarist Django Reinhardt.
Alessandro Di Virgilio (lead guitar)
Dario Berlucchi (rhythm guitar)
Elia Lasorsa (doublebass)

Accordi Disaccordi, the new album!

The new homonym album of Accordi Disaccordi is out from September 15th, 2017.

01 Firefly (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:10 - Accordi Disaccordi
02 Beauty (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:01 - Accordi Disaccordi
03 Lazy Wave (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:47 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
04 Whisky Valley (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:11 - Accordi Disaccordi
05 Pietrasanta (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:34 - Accordi Disaccordi
06 Mafia Car (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 05:35 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
07 Blast (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 02:41 - Accordi Disaccordi
08 I caffè di Oliva (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 07:12 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Oscar Doglio Sanchez (cello)
09 Spaghetti Killer (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 03:27 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet)
10 10 (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:21 - Accordi Disaccordi
11 Stay (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:53 - Accordi Disaccordi
12 Break-Fast (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:11 - Accordi Disaccordi
13 El Duende (Alessandro Di Virgilio) 04:45 - Accordi Disaccordi
14 Signor Noce (Dario Berlucchi) 03:20 - Accordi Disaccordi featuring Giacomo Smith (clarinet) and Oscar Doglio Sanchez (cello)

Accordi Disaccordi:
Alessandro Di Virgilio lead guitar, Dario Berlucchi rhythm guitar ed Elia Lasorsa doublebass

Special guest:
Giacomo Smith plays clarinet in "Lazy Wave", "Mafia Car", "Spaghetti Killer" and "Signor Noce"
Oscar Doglio Sanchez plays cello in "I caffè di Oliva" and "Signor Noce"

Engineered and mastered by Alberto Macerata - Play Studio, Bricherasio (TO).
Cover design by Stefano Brizzi (


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